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Posing as a naked model for artist Chris Savage

September 08, 2016

Karen Hockney

Most of us know what we like when it comes to choosing a piece of art. But having a framed original work that is uniquely personal to you hanging in your home or office takes it one step further, especially when you have posed for it yourself. 

This was the position I found myself in when I bid for two eye-catching charcoal and pastel sketches donated by talented Australian-born artist Chris Savage at the Mimosa Cocktail charity event in Cannes last spring. 


Read about Karen's Naked Art Commission experience first hand on Riviera Reporter Online

Commission an exclusive 'Chris Savage' Naked Art session for yourself, original art 'where you are the model'. A unique gift for your partner or for your own personal collection. 

Contact for Commission details and pricing packages.


June 30, 2016

Testimonials from existing clients. Amazing feedback and lots of positive responses. I love my job and luckily lots of others appear to as well.

Read about their experiences and how a commission piece of art was received.

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December 31, 2015

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