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Commission an exclusive 'Chris Savage' Naked Art session, original art 'where you are the model'. A unique gift for your partner or for your own personal collection. Commision details and pricing packages upon request. Based on the Riviera in the South of France. Go on be brave, go for it!




A unique experience for a very special occasion.

The best moment was when I saw the sparkles in my husband's eyes when he discovered the piece of art.

- a.perkins, sof

Private, relaxed and empowering.

Highly recommend!

- e.n, sof

Obviously a little nerve racking, displaying your body for someone to draw but I found it freeing and liberating overall and would do it again. And I'm proud I've done it. 

- e.h sof

I love the simplicity of the artwork and the fact that it is so personal.  My husband (who was the recipient) was so pleased too as not only are these very personal pictures, it meant a great deal to him that I had posed naked which is not something I was initially comfortable doing.

- e.h, sof

Before I arrived, I was thinking the experience would feel weird, having never done anything like this before.  However, you were so relaxed and easy, that the whole experience was fun and I was totally at ease which i just was not expecting! 

- e.n, sof

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